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Top Ten (or More) Tips

Twelve Tips To Live Fully At Age 50 And Beyond

Tips for Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator

Reasons You Don’t Accomplish Your Goals

Tips For Manifesting A Mate


Twelve Tips To Live Fully At Age 50 And Beyond

1.           Connection, Connection, Connection – Develop relationships that make you feel good. Reach out and touch others; allow them to share who they are with you. Deepen the intimate relationships in your life. Allow family, friends, colleagues or paid caregivers to nourish your soul.

2.           Make gratitude a way of life – When disappointments happen, focus on what is working and what you do have. Each time you give thanks for something or someone, you replace lack and loss with fullness and optimism. Notice and appreciate the small things that make you feel good every day.

3.           Live your life as an adventure – The eternal child in you is curious, open and adventurous. Try new things that interest you—take courses, travel, write about your life, make new friends, join a club, and so much more. Challenge the beliefs that limit you. A youthful spirit can be your companion at any age.

4.           Know who you are and what you want – After 50+ years of life experiences, you know something about yourself—values, beliefs, talents, desires and priorities. The beginning of each new decade is a time to assess what makes you feel positive and alive. Revisit your values and reinvent yourself: Assess work, financial security, relationships, leisure, travel, leadership and/or education.

5.           Actively pursue your vision and goals – Once you are clear about what you want, create goals that feel exciting to you. You will be motivated and inspired to accomplish them. Once the goal is specific and clear, develop an action plan to accomplish it. As you take small steps in a purposeful direction, you will achieve your vision and goals with ease. Design the next chapter of your life.

6.           Be aware of your options throughout the aging process – Identify the community services, government assistance and service providers that are available to help you manage your finances, health, well-being, spirituality and environment. Reach out to those who can guide and encourage you to make courageous decisions that affect your future.

7.           Focus on the here and now – Let go of the past and make the most of each day. Release your past with love and acceptance—not resentments, critical judgments and regrets. You cannot change the past; do not allow it to contaminate your today and tomorrow. Live fully today and move forward with optimism. Focus on how you can continually add value to your life at any age.

8.           Simplify – As you reduce your possessions, you will have less to manage. You will have more time and energy to spend on what is important to you. Change or eliminate routine activities and roles in order to reduce busyness and stress. Make choices about where and how to spend your attention, energy, time and money. Less stress and more pleasure retards the aging process.

9.           Participate in your health and wellness – Proper breathing, nutrition and exercise will help your body do what you want it to do.

Follow a nutrition plan that fuels you. Make wise choices about your food, water, and supplements. They boost the immune system, support digestion, increase energy, detoxify the body, and more.

Rejuvenate your body with exercise. Design a movement program that is right for your body. It is balanced if it includes aerobic, stretching, and weight-bearing exercises. Deep, cleansing breathing is a fundamental exercise that promotes health at any age. Remember to have fun and reevaluate if you do not feel good!

10.        Develop a positive mindset Acquire beliefs that give you inner peace, an optimistic outlook, gratitude and hope. Participate in experiences that inspire you to be your best and move through the aging process with dignity and grace. Face each new chapter of your life believing that something positive is a part of the next adventure.

11.        Keep it light with laughter – Do something that puts a smile on your face every day. Let humor and laughter lift your mood, clear away the worry and reduce the stress held in your body. Laughter heals the body and soul.

12.        Build up your resistance to stress – Discover what works to take the worry and stress out of your life. For example, appreciate the small moments of happiness, laughter and joy throughout your day. Distract yourself from a stressful situation by meeting a friend, reading a book, watching a movie, going for a walk, taking a yoga class (yoga is appropriate at any age).

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Tips for Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator

1.      Have gratitude every day for what is:
An attitude of gratitude gives you a feeling of being full, complete and enough. Praise and fullness attract more. Give thanks for what you do have and what you are accomplishing while you are reaching for your vision.

2.      Create a compelling vision that energizes you:
When your vision is in alignment with your attributes, values, and life purpose, it will inspire you and raise your level of commitment. A clear, specific vision directs your mental and creative energy and engages the Universal Law of Attraction. Co-create with the Great Creator!

3.      Maintain a state of high energy:
Your mind is the builder; your creative energy is the force that turns you into a magnet for success. Attract extraordinary results effortlessly with positive emotions and focused intentions.

4.      Remain non-attached to the outcome:
Hold the vision loosely in your mind; do not try to control how and when it will come to you. Let go of striving; trust that this or something better is yours.

5.      Develop a strategic plan based on pertinent priorities:
An effective plan consists of goals and strategies that reflect what is important to you and relevant to your vision. It provides the focus that drives your actions. Be creative as you explore possibilities, evaluate consequences and define your priorities.

6.      Do your best in the present moment:
The power of NOW supports your actions today. Remain aware, focused and involved as you take the small or big steps that lead you to what you want. Play full out!

7.      Work smart, not hard:
Put systems in place that efficiently manage your personal resources—attention, energy, time, money and people. Stay in purposeful action on a daily basis.

8.      Work with feedback:
Observe what is working and what is not working. When you do not get the results you expect, make the necessary adjustments, change course or let go. Be the objective witness and proceed without critical judgments.

9.      Eliminate self-defeating patterns that sabotage success:
Overcome any debilitating habits, distorted mindsets and negative emotions. Be aware and recognize how you get in your way. Identify the desired change and implement the correction.

10.    Eliminate what is draining and distracting you:
Identify and eliminate what is draining your energy on a regular basis (clutter, unpaid taxes, relationship conflict). Make choices that keep you in purposeful action until you achieve your existing goals or create new ones.

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Reasons You Don’t Accomplish Your Goals

1.      Your goal is not compelling.
Design a goal that inspires and excites you. A goal that reflects what YOU want raises your level of commitment.

2.      You are draining your resources.
Stretch, but do not deplete, your personal resources—attention, time, energy, and money. Use them wisely.

3.      You are getting distracted.
Make choices that reflect your priorities. What you say yes and no to on a daily basis leads you toward or away from your goal.

4.      You are working hard not smart.
Get organized and create procedures that take the struggle and strain out of accomplishing success. Be creative.

5.      You are up against an internal obstacle.
Identify the emotional, mental, or behavioral pattern that is limiting or disempowering you; then change it.

6.      You are up against an external obstacle.
Work through the challenge rather than against it; don’t waste energy blaming or complaining. Find an effective solution.

7.      Your expectations may be unrealistic.
Recognize when to modify your goals. Experience success by designing goals that are specific. measurable, and time-oriented.

8.      You are ignoring feedback.
Observe what is working and what is not. After careful analysis, change what is not producing the results you want.

9.      You are not playing full out.
Show up focused, involved, and enthusiastic. Raise your standards; pursue excellence.

10.   You are not making yourself a priority.
Take time out to get re-energized and centered. Eliminate stress and promote ease with self-care activities.

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Tips For Manifesting A Mate

1.      Be yourself and stand in your personal power

2.      Know what you want in a mate and in a relationship

3.      Have a positive attitude toward relationships and the sexes

4.      Be open, available, and pay attention to possibilities

5.      Make decisions with your body, head, heart, and soul

6.      Have the courage to say no to what you don't want

7.      Be patient for the right one to show up; then for a relationship to develop

8.      Put yourself in situations and environments where you might meet him/her

9.      Use strategies and tactics on the "singles scene" that feel right for you

10.    Cultivate a network of other successful singles

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