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Testimonials from Former Clients

CEO Educational Software Company

While working with Sandra Miniere as my personal coach, I was able to stay focused and positive until I took my company to new heights of financial success.

I developed more effective leadership skills to create a culture in which my staff feels empowered. With my commitment to achieve constructive communication, I have created a culture in which people treat each other with respect and appreciation.

Through our work together, I have a better understanding of myself and my impact as a leader. Knowing myself, acknowledging my strengths and changing what no longer works for me have improved my personal and professional life.

Sandra listened and helped me get clear about what is important to me. She took me through a process in which I changed my attitude, communication style and behavior. By doing so, employee performance improved and profits increased.

I value her ability to help me clarify challenging situations, get to core issues and resolve challenges quickly and wisely.  JB, CEO AZ

Stage Performer

As a performer in NYC, I could not bring myself to go to an audition. I was feeling anxious and depressed because of a recent relationship breakup. I was out of work and feeling inadequate. Coaching with Sandy and using Emotional Freedom Techniques, I was able to audition again with ease. I began performing with confidence and strength in small productions around the city. The tapping, goal setting and teleclass helped me attract my ideal job--a hit Broadway show touring this country. Within 9 months I went from feeling lost and overwhelmed to living my ideal vision. Sandy has been such a gift in my life, and I carry her with me always.  LWNYC

Career Transition

Working with Sandy these last few months has been incredible!! In this short time I have moved from a place of overwhelming confusion to a path of clear and focused intent. I will forever appreciate Sandys gifts of guidance and perception. MBMN

Woman Business Owner

When I started with Sandy, I was having a hard time believing in myself, wondering if I could achieve my goals, and doubting my abilities to lead my sales team.

Every session with her brought a miracle breakthrough.  We chipped through the mental obstacles one at a time.  The awareness her coaching brought into my life felt like icebergs breaking up.  After three months of intensive reflection and sustained action, I was able to successfully move my business from a second level manager with a defeated attitude to Regional VP.  My organization grew from one to twelve managers in three months time.  I got my promotion and the Mercedes Benz that went with it! Sandy moved quickly to what the problem was and intuitively and intentionally moved me through every block to a final victory. Thank You, Sandy!  MNMCA

Accomplish extraordinary success within a brief period of time.

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